Japanese Falun Gong Practitioners Commemorate the April 25 Peaceful Appeal

(Minghui.org) A march  for Falun Gong was held near the Asakusa Kannon Temple, a famous tourist spot in Tokyo, on April 16, 2017, to commemorate the upcoming 18th anniversary of the April 25 Peaceful Appeal, and raise awareness of the persecution of the meditation practice in China.

On April 25, 1999, approximately 10,000 practitioners peacefully appealed to the Chinese government in Beijing after the illegal arrests of fellow practitioners in Tianjin City. Three months later the campaign of human rights abuses officially began.

The event in Tokyo started with an exercise demonstration in the morning at a local park. The march was led by the local Tian Guo Marching Band, founded ten years ago by Falun Gong practitioners.

Exercise demonstration.

Falun Gong march near Asakusa Kannon Temple

The march attracted many tourists, and also reminded many Chinese of the appeal 18 years prior, which marked the beginning of Falun Gong’s courageous peaceful resistance against the Communist Party’s persecution.

A group of practitioners passed out materials during the march and talked to spectators on the street, informing them about the persecution and what Falun Gong is. Many tourists signed a petition to support Falun Gong.

Tellingpeople about the persecution.

Tourist signs petition condemning the persecution.

One gentleman said he used to live in Shanghai, and was well aware of the persecution. “The suppression of belief is insane,” he said. “You have done a great job raising awareness.”

Mr. Hiragana, a Japanese businessman, said to practitioners, “I went to Beijing last year. One of my Chinese friends told me his wife was arrested because of her Falun Gong belief. She has been jailed for five years.”

“My friend supports Falun Gong and loves his wife. I was very sad to see his family suffer. This persecution must be stopped.”

Mr. Hiragana supports Falun Gong.

After the march, practitioners assembled at Sumidagawa, and took a group photo to send greetings to Master Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Gong, for the upcoming World Falun Dafa Day (May 13) and the 25th anniversary of the public introduction of the practice in China.

Group photo taken to send World Falun Dafa Day (May 13) greetings to Master Li Hongzhi.


On April 23-24, 1999, police officials in Tianjin, a city near Beijing, assaulted and arrested dozens of Falun Gong practitioners who had gathered outside a magazine office to discuss errors in a recently-published article attacking Falun Gong. As word spread of the arrests and more Falun Gong practitioners inquired with officials, they were told they had to take their appeals to Beijing. The following day, April 25, some 10,000 Falun Gong practitioners spontaneously gathered at the central appeals office in Beijing, as they had been instructed by Tianjin officials. The gathering was peaceful and orderly. Several Falun Gong representatives were called in to meet with Chinese Premier, Zhu Rongji, and members of his staff. That evening, the concerns of Falun Gong practitioners were addressed, the arrested practitioners in Tianjin were released, and everyone went home.

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Source – http://en.minghui.org/html/articles/2017/4/22/162929.html


Stories of Falun Gong Practitioners 法轮功学员的故事



Photo of the Week 本周图片 – Students in Bangkok learning to practice the Falun Gong exercises 泰国中学生学炼法轮功


From – http://en.minghui.org/html/articles/2014/5/21/1270.html (English),

http://www.minghui.org/mh/articles/2014/5/20/289518.html (Chinese)

Photo of the Week 本周图片 – Indonesia: Demonstrating Falun Gong on Car-Free Day 印尼雅加达无车日 法轮功学员集体炼功

2014-3-18-minghui-jakardaFalun Gong practitioners demonstrate the exercises on Car-Free Sunday in Jakarta






(Minghui.org) After a few weeks of rain, March 16, another Car-Free Sunday in Jakarta, Indonesia, was a bright sunny day. The main street was closed to cars, and pedestrians were encouraged to participate in more outdoor activities.

Falun Gong practitioners demonstrated the exercises, bringing the peacefulness and beauty of Falun Gong to the busy city.

Many people stopped by and spoke to the practitioners, and some of them followed along in doing the exercises.

An Indonesian-Chinese watched the exercises for an hour. He told the practitioners later that he really liked the peaceful movements, and that he would look for more Falun Gong information online.

Two gentlemen traveling from Sumatra had seen Falun Gong practitioners in their hometown. “Falun Gong teaches people to be truthful and compassionate,” one of them said, “The teaching of forbearance is very important, too.”

The other one indicated interest in learning the exercises, and said that he would look for his local exercise site upon returning home.

A local resident who had worked in Hong Kong commented: “I saw Falun Gong there, and I know that it’s being persecuted in China. People have no freedom of belief there.” He took a variety of Falun Gong materials before he left.

Photo of the Week 本周图片 – Kaohsiung, Taiwan: Divine Land Marching Band Stands Out at the Lantern Festival Grand Parade 高雄元宵节踩街 法轮功团体受瞩目(图)



February 17, 2014 | By Sun Baigao, a Minghui correspondent in Kaohsiung, Taiwan 

(Minghui.org) The Divine Land Marching Band was invited to be the last performer at the Kaohsiung Lantern Festival Parade on February 14. The parade titled “Love and Happiness” and the fireworks show on the same night was the climax of the festival that started on January 28 and has attracted nearly a million visitors. Dozens of groups participated in the parade. Many businesses along the route decorated their stores with lanterns.

Over 200 members of the Divine Land Marching Band marched down the streets in an orderly and majestic formation, playing uplifting and joyful tunes.

A large group of young people followed the Falun Gong procession in the parade. They said that they felt happy, excited and energized by it.


天国乐团是最有人气的队伍。整齐雄壮的队伍,震撼的乐音成为民众最瞩目的焦点,不少民众高举着手机、相机拍照留念。On February 14, 2014, the Divine Land Marching Band of Falun Gong was invited to be the last performer at the Kaohsiung Lantern Festival grand parade.

Photo of the Week 本周图片 – Taiwan: Six Thousand Practitioners Line Up to Form Gigantic Image 台湾六千人排字 场面壮观震撼民众

Taiwan: Six Thousand Practitioners Line Up to Form Gigantic Image – A Spectacular Sight Forbidden in Mainland China

台湾六千人排字 场面壮观震撼民众


From – http://www.minghui.org/mh/articles/2013/11/24/283080.html (Chinese),

http://en.minghui.org/html/articles/2013/11/28/143422.html (English)